Feast & Frolic with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Nov. 12

Save the Date! 

It’s time to Feast and Frolic again with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s Opening Night Performance of The Comedy of Errors on November 12, 2011 at The Broad Stage. 

What Elizabethan part will you play? A lady, a lord, a wench, a judge? A strongman, contortionist or 16th century cook? Will you dare to be a nimgimmer, an apothecarist, a sailor, a barrister, or an esquire? Will you show up as a dexter, a dipper, a dog-whipper, a elymaker, a glassblower, a bookbinder, an artist, an dowser, an armorer, an equerry, an ewe herd, a mason, a faker, or a good ol’ farmer? Something tells us you may have already thought of renting the very best period outfit to embody a fisherman, or was it a fortune-teller?

Save the date and start planning your part!

To learn more about The Broad Stage’s Feast & Frolic to benefit programming and arts education, go to www.thebroadstage.com/feastandfrolic.


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