BBC To Present New 20-part Series: Shakespeare’s Restless World

The BBC has a new 20-part series for Radio 4 called Shakespeare’s Restless World that begins April 16. British Museum Director Neil MacGregor will look at the world through the eyes of Shakespeare’s audience by exploring objects from that turbulent period. Objects like Dee’s Mirror and The Eye Relic will be examined in depth, along with their place in the culture and society of Shakespeare’s world. MacGregor asks what the plays would have meant to the public when they were first performed. He uses carefully selected objects to explore the great issues of the day and considers what they can reveal about the concerns and beliefs of Shakespearean England. Contributing to the programmes will be Shakespeare scholars, historians and experts on witchcraft and warfare, fencing and food, luxury trade and many other topics. You’ll be able to follow the series online and the programs will be made permanently available to listen to and download. Click Here to go to the BBC’s website for more information about the series.


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