Audition Update: The Porters of Hellsgate – The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Porters of Hellsgate are now accepting submissions for The Merry Wives of Windsor to run June 15 – July 22 (Fri/Sat/Sun matinee) at The Whitmore in North Hollywood. Directed by Charles Pasternak, it will be set as a wild bar hop through the 1930’s. Rehearsals will begin almost immediately following auditions on Saturday, April 28. If you are interested, please RSVP to by Wednesday April 25 with the subject heading “MERRY WIVES SHAKESLA.” Include your name, contact information, and attach a headshot/resume–instructions for the audition will be sent to you individually. If you have already submitted via Actors Access, please do not re-submit via e-mail as well. One, or the other. Not both. Those auditioning will be expected to bring a headshot/resume, should be prepared to fill out a conflict sheet, will be asked to perform a 2-minute Shakespearean monologue, and may be asked to read from supplied sides. Non-union. Character Breakdown is as follows: 

Sir John Falstaff (CAST: DYLAN VIGUS)

Master George Page (Male, 30-40), a wealthy gentleman of Windsor, married to Mistress Margaret and father of Anne

Mistress Margaret Page (Female, 30-40), a lady of Windsor who is fond of her husband George, though she has rather different ideas about who should marry their daughter Anne

Anne Page (Female, 18TYL), the daughter of Master George Page and Mistress Margaret

Master Francis Ford (Male, 25-35), a middle-class gentleman of Windsor afflicted with an almost pathological case of jealousy

Mistress Alice Ford (Female, 25-35), a lady of Windsor, married to Master Francis Ford

Doctor Caius (Male, 25-35), a French physician – a short-tempered, easily offended man who is wooing Anne Page and does not wish to see anyone else moving in on her

John Rugby (Male, 20-40), Dr. Caius’s servant. He is deeply intimidated by his master.

Mistress Quickly (Female, 20-40), Dr. Caius’s housekeeper–a foolish woman with a poor command of language, mixing up her English words and unable to identify Latin as a foreign language as opposed to dirty English.

Host of the Garter Inn (Male or Female, age open), a rather merry innkeeper who is incapable of saying anything simply and likes showing off how many words he knows.

Sir Hugh Evans (Male, 30+), a Welsh parson and the schoolmaster of Windsor; he has not lost his very heavy accent either in English or in Latin, which is a source of much amusement to the others.

Robin (Male or Female, 20s) Falstaff’s page, but not the most faithful of servants

Bardolph (Male or Female, age open), one of Falstaff’s followers; when the fat knight can no longer afford to keep his men, he finds Bardolph a job as bartender for the Host.

Pistol (Male or Female, age open), one of Falstaff’s followers–a swaggering narcissist

Nym (Male or Female, age open), one of Falstaff’s followers, and obsessed with humors

Justice Robert Shallow (Male, 60s), an old and respectable man, if somewhat foolish

Master Fenton (Male, 18-30), a young, good-looking gentleman with a bit of a wild past who became very attracted to Anne Page when he discovered how rich her father is

Master Abraham Slender (Male, 25-40), Justice Shallow’s nephew–a rich and foolish man who wishes to marry Anne Page

Peter Simple (Male or Female, 20s-40s), Slender’s servant–an obedient fellow with a foolish master

For more information about The Porters of Hellsgate visit


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