Ready for a road trip? Marin Shakespeare Company in northern California is producing King John the summer.

David Hirzel, wordwright

Shakespeare’s tragedy “The Life and Death of King John” is seldom staged, so the current performance at San Rafael’s Shakespeare Marin may be one of the few times you will ever have to see it.  Don’t miss it!  This play, as directed by Lesley Schisgall Currier, is full of surprises and all the passion, action, wit and betrayal that we have come to know and expect from the Bard. Not only that, it ends on a high note, with the crown of England finally bestowed upon the rightful heir to the throne.

The kings of England and France each declare the other usurper to the throne of England.  They are both right and wrong.  Their armies and their families clash, unite in marriage, part from each other under threat of excommunication from an emissary of the Pope.  Innocents are caught up in the machinations; loyalties shift and shift again. …

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