NakedShakes LA Presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Commune presents the first ever performance of NakedShakes LA: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Everyone’s welcome for the 6pm backyard party – BBQ, donation bar and music by Caleb Noah. Showtime is 7:30. Click Here for all the details.

Hippolyta/Titania: Ashely Rideaux
Theseus/Oberon: David Hardie
Egeus/Puck: Sam Bianchini
Hermia: Emily Rose Pelz
Helena: Katelyn Blockinger
Lysander: Jeffery Adler
Demetrius: Terrance Colby Clemons
Peter Quince: Jessica Lauren Richmond
Bottom: Hunter Stiebel
Flute: Jess Ford
Snout: Doug Tyler
Snug: Dan Sanders-Joyce
Starveling: Sarah Beth Bassak


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