Salty Shakespeare’s Back Flashing and Better Than Ever

Salty Shakespeare

Planning on seeing Fiasco Theatre’s Cymbeline at The Broad? Watch for the Salty Shakespeare folks who will be flashing at the Broad on Saturday, December 15th, 1:15 – 2pm, before the matinee performance. You’ll see them out on the front patio and in the back courtyard. The drunken porter from the Scottish Play will be staggering through, along with Hamlet and Bottom, Ophelia and Titania and the crazy teenagers from Midsummer. You might even see Rose Guildencrantz.

And tomorrow, Saturday December 8th, you can find them flashing the Peachtree Pottery gallery on Boise Avenue in Mar Vista. Watch for Kate and Petruchio to make an appearance between noon and 5:00 pm. You never know when they’ll pop up so keep your eyes open…and to keep up on all the company’s comings and goings, visit their website at


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