Romeo & Juliet: A Puppet Musical Video Update

Project Update #2 from Dan Ring: Five Days to Go!

Hi everyone,

We’re in the final stretch and a little over halfway to our funding goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported the project up to this point. So far we’ve received pledges from far and wide, including the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival!

We still have a ways to go in reaching our goal, so I’ve opened up some more available rewards. For each pledge level, there are now available slots, including for those who live in LA and would like to visit the shoot during our weekend of filming. Or, if you’d like to opt for the level where you receive a personalized video featuring some puppets and myself gushing over how awesome and generous you are, you have a chance to snag one of those as well!

For my current backers, thanks so much for pledging! Please consider sharing the project with your friends, and you are more than welcome to add to your pledge. With any luck, we’ll reach our goal and get this video produced and posted for all to enjoy! Here’s the link for more information.



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