A Midsummer Night’s Dream or The Night They Missed the Forest For the Trees

A Midsummer Night Morgan-Wixson

Presented by Morgan-Wixson’s Youth Education/Entertainment Series:
Throw away everything you think you know about Shakespeare, and for that matter, about theatre. In this adaptation by Salty Shakespeare’s Nancy Linehan Charles, we’re in study hall where just about everyone is doing everything except studying for tomorrow’s test on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. That is, until Zoe gets an idea. In this rollicking adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, teenagers, fairies, workers and royalty collide in a forest on a summer night and are bedazzled by a couple of “Pucks”. The fairy queen falls in love with an ass, the teens fall in and out (and in) love with each other, six well-meaning goofs stumble into their 15 minutes of fame, and three streetwise storytellers pull the audience at breakneck speed toward the moon-drenched conclusion. The production is directed by Nancy Linehan Charles and produced by Anne Gesling and Teri Senior. Performances take place at 11:00 am on Saturdays. Call (310) 828-7519 for tickets; $10 for adults, children 7 and under are $7. Tickets are also available online Here.

Y.E.S. is part of the Morgan-Wixson Theatre’s commitment to engaging young audiences, training young talent, and supporting literacy. Participants range in age from 8-18. Most Y.E.S. shows are selected to support national and local school reading lists. For more information go to http://morgan-wixson.org.


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