Creative Pulse Co. Presents Richard II

Richard II Cal Arts2
This is the final weekend for Creative Pulse Co.’s Richard II directed by Mary Lou Rosato at The Wexler Annex, 1031 South Victory Blvd., Burbank. Armed with some of Shakespeare’s finest poetry, Richard II tells the story of the inverted journeys of two men: the fall of King Richard of Bordeaux at the hands of his cousin Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV). It is an epic tale of inheritance, family, betrayal, and power.

The cast features Nikhil Pai as Richard II along with Kamran Abbassian, Michael Aurelio, Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Jonathan Bangs, Jozben Barrett, Jason Bonduras, Willie C. Carpenter, Jeffrey Chamberlain, Chris Chiquet, Scott Hamby, Chrissie Harms, Casey Jackson, Nils Jansson, Alexandra Kustin, Brendan McGowan, Sallie Merkel, Michael Pignatelli, William Reinbold, Chris Rivas, Jocelynn Suarez, Andrew Weems, and Andrew Wofford.

Tickets: Students $18/General $25. Click Here for more information.


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