Fundación Siglo de Oro presents Rakatá in Henry VIII at The Broad Stage

Broad Fundacion EVIII-GLOBE-05

Fundación Siglo de Oro presents Rakatá in Henry VIII / Enrique VIII by William Shakespeare at the Broad Stage September 26 – 29, 2013, directed by Ernesto Arias. The performance will be done in Spanish with English subtitles and is adapted by José Padilla, Rafael Díez Labín, and Ernesto Arias.

In 1533, the Spanish were enraged by Catherine de Aragon’s divorce from Henry VIII. Eighty years later, Shakespeare engaged with the subject in his last play. Now four hundred years later, Rakatá, Madrid’s premier classical company, re-imagines this play from a Spanish perspective, with the thrilling clarity they bring to their productions of Spanish Golden Age work. Don’t miss with The Guardian UK calls “a supremely accomplished retelling of this most notorious episode in English history.”

Support for Shakespeare at The Broad Stage is generously provided by Linda and Michael Keston. Members-only ticketing period ends July 15. Call (310)434-3470 or (310) 434 3200 to reserve your seats today.


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