Groundless Shakespeare Ensemble Begins its Second Season

Groundless Shakespeare

The Groundless Shakespeare Ensemble presents The Comedy of Errors, the first show of its second season on Friday, September 27th, at St. Nicks Pub in Beverly Hills, 8450 West 3rd Street. The ensemble is made up of established theatre professionals, improvisation artists, and recent theatre graduates who are all devoted to the playing of Shakespeare in its most basic form. Actors are cast separately and rehearse their lines on their own. Then, in a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY celebration of comedy, poetry, food, drink, dancing, and theatre, both audience and performers discover the play together as it unfolds, embracing the accidents and minor miracles that can only be found in live theatre.

Shakespeare is truly taken off the pedestal as the audience is encouraged to call out, answer their cell phones, order food and drink, completely ignore or thoroughly participate in the onstage action. Sounds like Shakespeare designed for a modern multi-tasking audience! For more info about the company visit


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