CHICKSPEARE: Fun, Fast, Physical and Fully Improvised Shakespeare by Females


Ready for some fun? Friday nights from July 11 through September 28, you can see the ladies of Chickspeare in their fully improvised Shakespeare shows directed by James Thomas Bailey at ComedySportz Los Angeles. Every Chickspeare show is unique, based on an inspiration from an audience member, and while the plot is always different, each performance is a high-energy, fun-filled show with lots of laughs and lots of heart, using Shakespearean themes and language.

After a brief introduction, the cast improvises a full play in 5 acts, in the style of Shakespeare’s comedies. Twelve skirts, six scarves, and five simple benches are employed to create all the places and characters that bring the show to life. The all-female cast plays women, men, animals (and even the occasional object) as they weave a complex tale of love.

In contrast to Shakespeare’s time, when women were forbidden to take the stage and his plays were performed solely by men, Chickspeare is a thoroughly modern reversal that turns traditional notions on their heads. The show especially resonates with women because the actors are not performing the traditional “women’s” show, with themes like dating, child-rearing, and menopause. The cast does make light-hearted fun of some of the outdated notions about women’s roles prevalent in Shakespeare’s plays but mostly they tell stories of love–high energy, funny, physical stories with plenty of heart.

Each performance features seven of the nine company members: Jennifer Bascom, Gale Brennan, Molly Dworsky, Jennifer Flack, Holly Gray, Kelly Holden, Sarah Parga, Lauren Pritchard, Paige Tierney, and Silvie Zamora.

Audiences return again and again bringing their sisters, mothers and friends (and even men). But the actors’ hearts soar when a young woman tells them she’s been inspired to try improv or to start her own group because of the wonderful experience of Chickspeare.

* * * * * * * * *
Chickspeare was created in Los Angeles at ComedySportz Los Angeles by director James Thomas Bailey in 2010. The ensemble has performed every summer since, both at their home theatre in Hollywood and in Napa, CA. The all-female cast consists of nine professional improvisers with diverse backgrounds in theatre, improvisational theatre, sketch comedy, standup comedy, television and film.

July 11 – September 28, 2014
Fridays at 8:00 pm
Outside, on the patio at ComedySportz Los Angeles
733 Seward Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038



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