8 x 10: A Free Evening of Short Plays at Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

ICS logoInner City Shakespeare Ensemble will present a free evening of short works at Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles on Nov. 14 & 15. The five-year-old not-for-profit ensemble partners veteran theatre professionals with young artists of all ethnicities, usually to perform Shakespeare, however this event will feature new works. This evening of plays is produced by Paul Heller. ISCE’s artistic director is Melanie Andrews. Among the plays are:

Romeo and Juliet- Sped Up!
Written by Hannah Thomas. Directed by Emma Yang. Based on Shakespeare’s tragedy, this version in Modern English transpires in a compact eight minutes. Featuring Izabella Paz, Owen Yang, Thomas Carlton, Jazmin Pollinger, Paul Heller, Juvanie Hildreth, Erin McLaughlin, Stephanie Huerta, and David Mosseri.

The Far Away Daughter of Athens
Written by August Schulenberg. Directed by Thomas Carlton. This is a conversation between two of Shakespeare’s Athenian characters, Egeus and Demetrius, who have been captured by the Amazons and taken as prisoners during the Athenian War. Alone on stage, they reminisce about who they miss back home. For Egeus, it is his daughter, Hermia. Demetrius is interrupted too soon by a harsh sound, but as A Midsummer Night’s Dream would have it, we understand a little more why Egeus would have Demetrius marry his daughter when they’re back home in Athens. Featuring Thomas Carlton and Milton Lazaro. 

Written by Frederick Baily. Directed by Jazmin Pollinger. A young man is confronted with a situation that is restricting his love life. He is pushed to the breaking point. Wherever he goes, this nemesis has already been there and has destroyed any hopes he has for normal relationships. He finally discovers the culprit behind all his discord and in their confrontation, charming insanity ensues. Featuring David Mosseri, Keenan Merkovich and Erin McLaughlin.

The Chocolate Affair
Written by Stephanie Alison Walker. Directed by Erin McLaughlin. Candies come alive in this short play describing one woman’s ‘affair’ with chocolate. The candy sprites of “Mr Goodbar” and “M&M” take conflicting approaches to the psyche of a young mother as she sits in a cheap hotel room, compulsively devouring all the candies she took from her daughter’s Trick Or Treat gatherings. Featuring Juvanie Hildreth, Jazmin Pollinger and Emma Yang.

There’s a Werewolf in My Bed
Written by D.M. Larson. Directed by Paul Heller. Thad, a young man surprises his girlfriend as she discovers him to be a Werewolf, (but only at full moons). She’s frightened at first, but soon finds his fur and his scent quite attractive. He’s been hiding in her apartment because there is a “Monster Hunter” on the prowl. Just as they begin to enjoy the new relationship, a shot rings out. Featuring Kaylynn Bilal and Victor Ekpo.

Hit and Run
Written and directed by Kaylynn Bilal. Lynn is a young woman who lives with her brother Ray. They are living the normal life until she suddenly discovers that her brother was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Featuring Thomas Carlton, Emma Yang, Victor Ekpo and Kaylynn Bilal.

8 x 10
Nov. 14 & 15, 2014, 7:30 pm
Inner City Shakespeare at Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles
1238 W. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026.
Admission is FREE – donations accepted. Reservations are not necessary.
For information call (213) 481-2773.


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  1. Deborah Voorhees
    Nov 10, 2014 @ 09:41:44

    this looks like fun.

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