UK Band The Nearlys Release “Under the Greenwood Tree”

The Nearlys Under the Greenwood Tree

In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, UK band The Nearlys will release a new single due out Thursday, April 23, 2015. “Under the Greenwood Tree” is the first release of 2015 for The Nearlys and features music by Helen Walker set to a lyric by William Shakespeare. Walker plays piano, electric piano, synths and bass, with Mike Walker on drums. The release also includes “And Again,” an instrumental track in the form of a Round, played on Appalachian dulcimer, bass and synths.

Says Walker, “We feel ‘And Again’ complements ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ as a release; both tracks aspire to capture the peace and beauty of nature, the heart of Shakespeare’s lyric.”

You can listen to excerpts at I think you’ll find them quite haunting and beautiful. Happy Birthday, Will.

Under the Greenwood Tree (Single) by The Nearlys
Genre: Alternative Folk/Jazz
Format: Digital Download
Worldwide Release
Catalogue No. HEGDDS17
© Everyday Records 2015

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