Fringe Spotlight: Shakespeare’s Last Night Out (Or “What? YOU, Will??)

Shakespeare's Last Night Out

Legend has it that Shakespeare died after a night of drinking. This is that night. Beginning June 7th, Orgasmico Theatre Company follows up its previous Fringe successes, Exorcistic: The Rock Musical Parody Experiment and Doomsday Cabaret, with a one-man tavern musical in which the Bard of Avon sings in defense of his authorship. That’s right. A singing Shakespeare!

What does anyone really know about the Bard? After 450 years, lingering questions have spawned conspiracy theories about secret authors, from Christopher Marlowe to Edward DeVere. The list of literary usurpers goes on and on, and brings us back to an essential question: could an actor, and son of a mere glove-maker, have written that magnificent canon?

On the eve of his death, an ailing Shakespeare is out drinking when he has a prophetic vision that his authorship will be contested in the future. Thus, he sets out to stake his claim once and for all. Raise your cups with Will as he takes his last audience through the tale of his life with a series of tavern songs, ranging from bawdy to heartbreaking. Backed by his Muses who play a variety of instruments, Will recreates the unknown events and eccentric characters that shaped his life and inspired his work. Orgasmico’s latest musical brings the man roaring back to life (and in an Elizabethan accent!)

The show features book, music, and lyrics by Michael Shaw Fisher and musical accompaniment by Alistair Cooper on guitar and Allison Sulock on dulcimer, recorder, ukulele, and percussion. It also reunites Fisher with director, Jeff Sumner, who also played “Possessed Girl” in the Sacred Fools Spotlight extension of Exorcistic in 2013.

June 7 – 27, 2015
Three Clubs
1123 N Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Tickets: $12 at or call (415) 994-4760


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