Independent Shakespeare Co. produces Original Play, Strange Eventful History


Erika Soto, Sam Breen, and David Melville star in Strange Eventful History. Photo by Reynaldo Macias/blu PHIV Photography

Independent Shakespeare Co. presents an original studio production, Strange Eventful History, by David Melville, William Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe, beginning October 22 in the Independent Studio in Atwater Village.

In the new work, an actor (David Melville) is preparing to play Richard III in a rapidly approaching production. Unfortunately, his leading lady just quit, and her replacement (Erika Soto) doesn’t have the faintest idea what’s happening. Adding to the confusion, the director is nowhere to be found and his stage manager (Sam Breen) has it in for him. As the three characters wrestle with the complicated family soap opera that is the history of England’s royalty, they uncover truths about Shakespeare’s kings (and queens) and bring the history plays to life.

Directed by ISC company member Joseph Culliton, the play interweaves the works of Shakespeare and Marlowe with new, scripted narrative, Strange Eventful History is a humorous and vivid ride through 10 plays and 150 years of British war.

October 22 – November 22, 2015 (opening night (10/24)
Independent Shakespeare Co.
Independent Studio
3191 Casitas Ave. #168
Los Angeles, CA 90039


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