Much Ado About Nothing Sequel, The Devil’s Bride, Returns to TU

The Devil's Bride - Theatre Unleashed

Have you ever wondered what might have happened to the lovers Benedick, Beatrice, Claudio and Hero after Much Ado ended? Or, what became of the villainous Don John the Bastard? You’ll see one possible way the story might have continued when Joan Silsby’s original sequel to Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing returns to Theatre Unleashed April 14 – May 21 at The Belfry Stage in North Hollywood.

In The Devil’s Bride, a romantic comedy-mystery that takes place a week after the events in Shakespeare’s classic, Don John is in jail following his attempt to thwart his rival’s wedding, however, he is given a chance to redeem himself if he consents to marry Benedick’s sister Allegra. Unfortunately, Lady Allegra is under a Gypsy curse. She has already been engaged three times, and all three of her intended bridegrooms have died before reaching the altar. Will Don John be next?

“Nearly ten years ago, The Devil’s Bride was the first full-length L.A. production I performed in and I remembered how much fun it was for patrons and actors alike,” says artistic director Jenn Scuderi Crafts. “While choosing shows for this, our 10th season, I remembered the script and knew it would be an excellent addition. Much Ado About Nothing is such a beloved play, that I know our audience will delight in following these familiar characters on their next journey.”

Director Wendy Gough Soroka adds, “The Devil’s Bride is a witty, insightful and sexy take on the redemption of John the Bastard. The play takes us back to our favorite characters from Much Ado, but this time we see them through the lens of a 21st-century playwright, which I personally find delightfully satisfying. It’s the romance between John and Allegra, though that truly makes the play sizzle.”

Starring Jenn Scuderi Crafts as Beatrice, Jim Martyka as Benedick, and Michael Cortez as Don John, with Richard Abraham (Dogberry), Isabelle Gronlund (Margaret), Sammi Lappin (Lady Allegra), Matthew Martin (Don Pedro), Carey Matthews (Borachio), Cyanne McClairian (Verges), Gordon Martin Meacham (Count Claudio), Molly Moran (Marisol), Steve Peterson (Duke Leonato), Lee Pollero (Conrade), and Caroline Sharp (Hero)

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