Fringe Spotlight: STAR-CROSS’D Brings Romeo & Juliet To Life With Movement

Star Cross'd
To some, Romeo & Juliet is a story of two teenagers blinded by lust and driven to unspeakable acts, yet at its heart, it is a love story that transcends age and time. In Half Shadow Players’ production of Star-Cross’d, directors Lizzy Ferdinandi and Jessica Gaupel (who also co-founded the company) combine haunting contemporary music with Shakespeare’s text to create a 50-minute movement-oriented retelling of the classic love story.

With opening night only a week away, Jessica Gaupel tells how she and Ferdinandi were inspired to create this production.

Star Cross'd Jessie GaupelJessica, how did you decide on R&J as your source material?

Lizzy and I started out knowing we wanted to create a show based on Florence and the Machine’s music so we batted around ideas and came up with some original ideas and some other possibilities. We were also looking at Greek Myths, specifically the stories of Psyche and Cupid. There was ultimately a moment where we asked ourselves ‘well what does Florence write about? What’s at the heart of her music? What kind of story does she tell?’ We both agreed that she tells love stories but with a darker twist, so one of us asked, ‘well what’s a dark love story?’  More


Union Project Dance Company Premieres W.S., Inspired by Shakespeare

The Union Project - W.S

In honor of William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, choreographer Mariana Oliveira presents W.S., a piece inspired by the works of the greatest writer of all time. W.S. is a contemporary dance piece that challenges the dancers both technically and artistically, and invites them to immerse themselves in Shakespeare’s complex and emotional universe. The dance is accompanied by readings of Shakespeare’s works, as well as contemporary classical and electronic fusion inspired by the 16th century.

W.S. will be presented in three Los Angeles-based dance festivals, premiering at the Pasadena Dance Festival on February 22nd at 8pm, with additional performances taking place at the High Voltage Festival on April 4th, and the Dance on the Edge Dance Festival on April 26th at 2:30pm.

The piece begins with a reading of Sonnet 81, Shakespeare’s ode to the immortality of writing.  More

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