The Friday Funny: Summer Sonnet

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Summer Shakespeare Festivals are in full swing.
Check out the list of shows on stage now.
Pick one. Pick two. Pick ’em all!


The Friday Funny: Speedy Primary School Shakespeare

Welcome to year six’s Romeo and Juliet’s play.
I hope you enjoy it, okay.

Friday Funny – The Beatles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

On April 28, 1964, a few months after they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles performed a spoof of the Mechanicals’ skit from A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the British variety show “Around the Beatles.” Here are the boys celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th birthday, with Paul as Pyramus, John as Thisbe, George as the Moon and Ringo as the Lion.

Don’t you wish you could have seen this one live! Have a great weekend all.

Friday Funny, Thanks to Judi Dench

This is just too good not to be the Friday Funny.
And wait til you see the dance.

It’s a holiday weekend all. Have a few laughs. Be safe.

Your Friday Funny

Ever wondered what “The Three Little Pigs” would sound like if it had been written with a more classic, robust command of the English language? John shows you, thusly. Get some culture. Read a classic. 

Your Lesson for the Weekend: Shakespeare’s Insults

Your lesson for the weekend. And you’ll even learn a new word…hamartia.
Happy weekend everyone. Get out of the house.
Go see some Shakespeare.

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