DramaDogs Present Tales of Woo & Woe in Santa Barbara

DramaDogs women

E. Bonnie Lewis, Hylla Sue Fischer, Jennifer Marco, and Mindy Turano. Photo Credit: Baron Spafford

No other playwright explored the facets of love better than William Shakespeare. Tales of Woo and Woe uses text from fifteen of Shakespeare’s plays and eight of his sonnets to create a new way of hearing and seeing joyous reunions, sad farewells, jealous threats and pledges of affection. The world premiere production is devised by Jimmy Webber and co-directed by Ken Gilbert and E. Bonnie Lewis, who also choreographs.

Webber says, “This script has been in the works for some five years: Ken and Bonnie loved the idea of ‘wooing’ and ‘woe’ in Shakespeare’s works, and I’ve played with ways to engage the actors and audience with these emotions from a universal perspective. It’s daring to pick and choose among Shakespeare’s many wonderful lines to create a whole new structure, but that’s what Tales of Woo and Woe does; it creates an emotional arc which, rather than being the story of any particular pair of lovers, follows the feelings and stages of any of us in our own experiences of love.”  More

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