New Web Series from Better Than Shakespeare: Titus and Dronicus

Better Than Shakespeare has launched a fun new web series, Titus and Dronicus, which follows the escapades of two private eyes who investigate crimes inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. Written by Megan Kelly, Madhuri Shekar and Seamus Sullivan, and directed by Liz Rizzo, here is episode one.

For more about the series and to watch all episodes, visit



Fringe Spotlight: Much Ado About Something (Who is the Chicken Little?)

Much Ado SomethingHere’s a Fringe production with a pretty “out there” spin on its Shakespeare source material. From the company’s description: “Better than Shakespeare! presents a revisionist Much Ado About Nothing. New music, new intrigues, twists and turns… and aliens. Because we think The Bard could use a little help. Don’t you? We’re calling it, Much Ado About Something. The Something is Aliens.”

Intrigued? Writer/director Megan Kelly and producer/actor Kate Grabau talk about their twist on Shakespeare’s classic comedy and their new company.

Megan Kelly: A Writer’s Perspective

Much Ado About Something arose from a discussion Kate and I had over coffee back at the first of the year. We had always wanted to work together; we loved Shakespeare; and the previous year, in an especially busy moment, I had said I wanted to direct her in As You Like It, at some point. So over coffee, Kate called me out. “Let’s do it for the Fringe this year.” And I laughed, and nodded, and pretended to agree to it. And I kept pretending, so much so that I found myself saying, “As You Like It is too hard. What about Much Ado?” Pretty immediately – and both of us still pretending at this point – the discussion turned to how to make Shakespeare Fringe appropriate. We wouldn’t have very much money. Shakespeare is always done. Much Ado is always done. What could we offer a Fringe audience?  More

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