Review: Indie Film BILLY SHAKESPEARE Highlights the Writer’s Dilemma

Billy Shakespeare deborah vorhees photo

Billy Shakespeare is a spicy little independent film by Deborah Voorhees that imagines what might happen if William Shakespeare tried to make it as a writer in today’s Hollywood rather than Elizabethan England. Quirky characters, compromising situations, and the kind of deadpan humor that fans of Waiting For Guffman will recognize collide with hilarious moments of camp to create a madcap world in which young Billy just can’t get a break.

From the blockbuster producer who wants to add aliens to The Tempest to the Pornos R Us production company that is ready to produce an X-rated version of The Merry Whores of Windsor starring Bigstaff instead of Falstaff, everyone wants to make “a few changes.”   More


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