Review: Pay Attention to your Shakespeare in DAY TRADER because this one’s an Alan Smithee

Day Trader 1 2

Danton Stone, Brighid Fleming & Tim Meinelschmidt in Day Trader. Photos by Ed Krieger

All relationships contain a level of uncertainty but we accept their variable nature because, as human beings, we crave interaction. In a marriage one becomes even more vulnerable within the interaction as each individual gives up a measure of his or her independence to create a life that is greater than the sum of its parts. When it succeeds, it is a beautiful thing. When it goes south, it can be a disaster.

Case in point: Day Trader’s Ron Barlow (Danton Stone), and his wife Brenda. After almost twenty years, the plateau of understanding between them has reached an embarrassing low. Their communication is limited to the notes she leaves for him filled with cryptic quotes by one of the world’s most prolific writers, William Shakespeare. Though we never see her onstage, her running commentary hovers like an omniscient phantom affecting everything Ron does.  More


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