Shakespeare Orange County pay-what-you-will Thursday

Shakespeare Orange County has three final performances of The Comedy of Errors coming up this weekend, Thursday – Saturday August 18 – 20. Did you know that they also receive a grant from the Garden Grove Community Foundation that helps support their “Pay What You Will” Thursdays? For anyone who would like to see the show but may be short of funds, Thursday is the night to go and enjoy Shakespeare outdoors and take advantage of the program.

Garden Grove Community Foundation – you get a big shout out for supporting live theatre in your community!

And, before the show you can enjoy The Green Show featuring the wacky and hilarious writings of Joshua Snyder. The Green Show begins at 7:30 p.m. before every performance. There is also a Pre-Show Lecture with Dr. Kent Lehnhoff before the show on August 20th. Arrive at the theater early and you’ll hear the Chapman University English professor  talk about Shakespeare, his writing, his age, and the history of the play. These lectures are FREE, and begin at 7:00 p.m. in the courtyard. Dr. Lehnhoff will hold the final discussion of The Comedy of Errors before the performance on August 20th.

Click Here for tickets and more information.


Props Needed for Powerhouse Production

Eric Sims is looking for some random props for an upcoming free outdoor production of The Comedy of Errors @ the Powerhouse Theatre in September. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All items will be returned (if you want them back) and anything broken will be replaced or repaired.

-Super Soakers (3 total)
-Stage combat swords (3 total)
-Executioners Axe (able to cut a watermelon)
-Slingshot (2 total) (for shooting confetti)
-Confetti (obviously this won’t get returned)
-Hulk Hands (oversize novelty gloves that look like the Incredible Hulk’s hands)
-Large, old fashioned key
-Large, oversize ring
-Gaudy gold necklace (fake, obviously)
-Squeaky pet toy (unused)

If you have any of the items above and can help out, please contact him at

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