Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, What is it to be false?

Cymbeline - Whitmore

From the press release: “Two star-crossed lovers wed in secrecy. But what should be the happy ending of their tale is instead the beginning of a journey filled with adventure and betrayal, where the separation between allies and enemies blurs beyond recognition. When the people you love the most are the same people trying to destroy you, how do you survive? Can we forgive each other when the cut is still bleeding?

The capacity for both great kindness and great cruelty in all of us is at the heart of Shakespeare’s late classic, Cymbeline. Imogen, princess of Britain, is forced into solitude upon the banishment of her husband, the orphan-born but royally raised Posthumus. The punishment is handed down by her father, King Cymbeline, at the behest of his conniving and manipulative new queen, who plans to wed her oafish and dangerous son Cloten to Imogen now that Posthumus is gone.

Separated from Posthumus for the first time in her young life, Imogen grows bolder with each new obstacle thrown her way. But Posthumus, alienated in a foreign country, enters into an ill-conceived bet with the devious Iachimo. That wager sets a series of lies and betrayals into motion, forcing Imogen to embark on a hero’s journey leading her to everything from finding long-lost siblings to embroiling her in a looming war between Britain and Rome. Dramatic and darkly comic throughout, Cymbeline is both intensely personal and daringly epic.”

This intimate production of Cymbeline is directed by Frank Weidner and stars Christine Avila, Olivia Buntaine, William Dennis Hunt, Jordan Klomp, Kathleen Leary, Celia Mandela, Victoria Martinez, Gerard Marzilli, Dane Oliver, Daniel Ramirez, and Michelle Wicklas, and produced by Bo Powell and Jordan Klomp.

November 4 – 20, 2016
Whitmore Theatre
11006 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
$20 General Admission


SCSF Announces The Court of the Lord Chamberlain

LA Summerfest SC

The Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival returns to Rivendale Park in Towsley Canyon this summer for its fifth year and to mark the occasion will be announcing The Court of the Lord Chamberlain. The Court will honor those who have made a significant contribution to the arts in Santa Clarita, support of the Shakespeare Festival, or support of the growing LA SummerFest,

This year’s inductees, and the first to be inducted into the Court of the Lord Chamberlain, are: Los Angeles County Supervisor, Fifth District Michael Antonovich and Laurene Weste, the Mayor of Santa Clarita. The Lord Chamberlain was responsible for the patronage of the court. Shakespeare was supported by the court, and for a while wrote exclusively for the company of players named The Lord Chamberlain’s Men

The induction will take place during the opening night gala on Friday July 11. Tickets are $55 per person and include dinner, wine and & beverages, dessert and a special preview performance of the Shakespeare in the Park production of Cymbeline. In addition, community members may show their support of the honorees by making a donation as tribute to them. Click Here for more information about tickets and tributes.

All proceeds from the event support the free Shakespeare in the Park performances and the High School Summer Apprentice program. For more information go to

Fiasco Theater’s Cymbeline Comes to The Broad Stage

Poisoning, beheading, cross-dressing, and betrayal become fresh and frisky thanks to Fiasco Theater’s inventive production of the epic romance Cymbeline. In a play that spans the Roman Empire, Shakespeare pits the noble intentions of Princess Imogen, pining after her banished husband, against the dastardly Iachimo, one of his most nefarious villains. A young ensemble of six versatile actors resolves the twisted fates of 14 characters with live music that ranges from a cappella to bluegrass. Don’t miss the West Coast premiere of what Ben Brantley of The New York Times called “The most truly enchanting Cymbeline I’ve seen.”

And now you can get $20 off advance purchase tickets; Subject to availability; not valid on previously purchased tickets; Levels Premier, A, and B. Expires 24 hours before curtain.

December 13 – 23, 2012
Fiasco Theater @ The Broad Stage
Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center
1310 11th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Fairy Tale Journey of A Noise Within’s Cymbeline

Jarrett Sleeper (Guiderius) & Adam Haas Hunter (Cloten)

The fairy tale journey that occurs between “Once upon a time” and “they all lived happily ever after” has never been as circuitous as in William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline. Before the hero, or in this case the heroine, can reach her happy ending she must travel a great distance disguised as a boy, overcome being poisoned and left for dead, recover from the shock of waking up next to a decapitated body she thinks is her husband, and prove that she’s virtuous even though a notorious womanizer spent the night in her bedroom.

Overcoming any one of these difficulties could easily validate her as a gentlewoman of brave mettle so it begs the question… More

An INsider’s Preview of A Noise Within’s CYMBELINE

Last night I participated in the first session of A Noise Within’s new INsiders program (formerly known as Scholar’s Society) led by Dr. Miranda Johnson-Haddad.* The evening was a lively discussion entitled, “The Dark Fantasy of Cymbeline,” that took place in the company’s upstairs rehearsal room in Pasadena. Refreshments were provided and each of the participants had previously received an edited version of the play that ANW is producing this fall. Cymbeline will kick off ANW’s second season on September 22, the first of a series of plays that were all chosen because they deal in some way with a journey, just as this season is a continuation of the journey A Noise Within is taking in its new permanent location.

Dr. Haddad first gave an overview of the play and noted that Cymbeline doesn’t fall easily into a specific category as do some of Shakespeare’s other works. Written relatively late in his career (approx. 1608-1610) when Shakespeare no longer had anything to prove, it contains both comedy and tragedy, as well as fairytale elements, and is often considered one of the four great Romances, along with Pericles, The Winter’s Tale, and The Tempest.   More

Cymbeline to Kick Off A Noise Within’s 2012-13 Season

A Noise Within has announced its 2012-13 Season; a collection of plays linked by journeys. Some are physical, others are emotional, all are spiritual. From Cymbeline’s voyage of discovery, to The Grapes of Wrath’s epic search for a better life, from The Beaux’ Stratagem’s hilarious, headlong stumble into love, to Eurydice’s poetic dance with eternity….there’s a journey for us all.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Bart DeLorenzo
Sept 22 – Nov 18, 2012
**William Shakespeare’s greatest romantic fairy-tale. Brimming with romance, mystery, and violent intrigue, it uncovers, the resiliency of love and its conquest over chaos.   More

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