Julius Caesar and Game of Thrones Cross Swords at Griot Theatre

Erica Peeples and Daniel Ball. Photos by Eugene Powers

Whenever a theater company opens its doors in Southern California rather than closes them, it’s cause for celebration. Griot Theatre Company, a new group of artists in the West Valley, has taken up residency on the campus of Bethel Encino and is off to a promising start. Offering classics, established plays, and new works, Griot Theatre intends to provide a place where underrepresented artists such as women, artists of color, and those with physical disabilities can interpret theatre in new ways. It is most certainly a mission statement to admire. Julius Caesar is the company’s first production and director Malik B. El-Amin has chosen to conceptualize it by drawing parallels between it and the popular television series Game of Thrones. The result is at times inconsistent but El-Amin may be able to use the concept to draw younger audiences to the theatre and introduce them to Shakespeare in a new way.   More

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