Review: Friday Night Laughs with the Ladies of Chickspeare

One of the best ways to end the stress of a busy work week is with a few laughs. Best place to find those laughs right now is at ComedySportz LA, where the classically-trained, comically-proficient ladies of Chickspeare take over the courtyard on Friday nights and improvise a one-act Shakespearean comedy guaranteed to start your weekend right.

Seriously witty. Playfully fun. It’s one of the best kept secrets in LA and a thoroughly enjoyable evening of comedy that the whole family will love. Plus the chicks calling the shots during this lively hour of Elizabethan improv are a lively and attractive group who dive into an idea heart first with all the commitment of a delightful bunch of pre-schoolers playing dress up.

The show is performed in the round, outdoors under the stars, with the audience seated at comfy café tables cozy enough to make it feel like you’re in a friend’s backyard. Bring a casual dinner and a bottle of wine or pick up some snacks in the garage on-site as you relax before the show. Period music sets the mood and the crowd is friendly. It really is a great way to unwind.  More


CHICKSPEARE: Fun, Fast, Physical and Fully Improvised Shakespeare by Females


Ready for some fun? Friday nights from July 11 through September 28, you can see the ladies of Chickspeare in their fully improvised Shakespeare shows directed by James Thomas Bailey at ComedySportz Los Angeles. Every Chickspeare show is unique, based on an inspiration from an audience member, and while the plot is always different, each performance is a high-energy, fun-filled show with lots of laughs and lots of heart, using Shakespearean themes and language.

After a brief introduction, the cast improvises a full play in 5 acts, in the style of Shakespeare’s comedies. Twelve skirts, six scarves, and five simple benches are employed to create all the places and characters that bring the show to life. The all-female cast plays women, men, animals (and even the occasional object) as they weave a complex tale of love. More

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