Powerhouse Theatre Deck sets the stage for The Comedy of Errors

Reserve your tickets now for The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble’s FREE performances of The Comedy of Errors to be performed outdoors on the deck of the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica. Performances take place Sept 2 – 24 at 7:00 pm on Wed, Sat and Sunday nights (excluding 9/10) and seating is limited, with only 50 seats available each night.

You can bring your own food and drink or purchase it at the theatre while you enjoy Shakespeare’s madcap farce of mistaken and lost identities. In director Drew Shirley’s wildly physical and imaginative new production anything can happen – doors are slammed, insults hurled, demons exorcised, pants dropped, nuns fall in love and actors fly across the stage with reckless abandon. Come join in the fun as the company thanks the community for its support by offering these free performances. 

Click Here for directions, parking and additional information.


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