Props Needed for Powerhouse Production

Eric Sims is looking for some random props for an upcoming free outdoor production of The Comedy of Errors @ the Powerhouse Theatre in September. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All items will be returned (if you want them back) and anything broken will be replaced or repaired.

-Super Soakers (3 total)
-Stage combat swords (3 total)
-Executioners Axe (able to cut a watermelon)
-Slingshot (2 total) (for shooting confetti)
-Confetti (obviously this won’t get returned)
-Hulk Hands (oversize novelty gloves that look like the Incredible Hulk’s hands)
-Large, old fashioned key
-Large, oversize ring
-Gaudy gold necklace (fake, obviously)
-Squeaky pet toy (unused)

If you have any of the items above and can help out, please contact him at


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