NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage – A Window Into Spacey’s Richard III

Most people never get the opportunity to experience theatre life on the road firsthand but now, thanks to Kevin Spacey and director Sam Mendes, everyone is able to go along for an amazing ride in the new documentary, NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage. The 90-minute film follows twenty British and American actors on a whirlwind ten month international tour of Richard III and will be available for digital download beginning May 2. [Pre-order HERE] I highly recommend it.

If you are a theatre artist of any kind – actor, director, stage manager, producer – or just a lover of Shakespeare itself, this breathtaking film will take you on a journey unlike any you’ve ever seen. In over 200 performances, and across 3 continents, Spacey and the troupe reveal some of the most intimate moments behind the scenes of their staging of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Richard III.

You’ll see excerpts from the play on stages such as the ancient Amphitheatre of Epidaurus in Greece where Julius Caesar sat and watched plays, and the gleaming National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, a city in which the awestruck actors reverentially said felt “like another planet.”  More

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