Review: Shakespeare UnScripted Turns Comedy into Art

Shakespeare UnScripted

L-R: Stephen Kearin, Edi Patterson, Michael Manuel, Brian Lohmann, Daniel Blinkoff & Lisa Fredrickson. Photo by Blake Gardner

No one is standing on ceremony in Impro Theatre’s latest comedic invention, Shakespeare UnScripted. On the contrary, the only formality you’ll find here is the kind you leave at the door when you step foot into the theater. Impro’s boisterous crew offers more belly laughs than anyone making up a Shakespearean situational comedy should legally have the right to, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Shakespeare smarty-pants or a total newbie to have a great time.

The framework is inspired by the play-within-a-play structure of The Taming of the Shrew, with the actors welcoming audience members into their Italian café; soon to be the stage upon which they will perform. By the way, the transformation of the newly-redesigned Carrie Hamilton from proscenium to black box is rather dramatic and if you remember its antiquated state, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the update.  More

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