The Porters of Hellsgate Plummet the Depths of Timon of Athens

Porters - Timon

Thomas Bigley as Timon. Photos by Greg Eidant Photography

“How this lord is followed!” exclaims a Painter in reference to Timon of Athens early in Act I of the play that bears his name. Director Charles Pasternak interprets the line quite literally by having his throng of greedy hangers-on trail behind Timon as he moves about the stage, billowing en masse like a bridal gown’s train that sweeps and glides with every turn. The repetition of the exaggerated movement comically drives home its ridiculousness and leaves no doubt that in this Shakespeare play, the fools are everywhere.  More


The Porters of Hellsgate Present Timon of Athens

Timon of Athens Porters

Following their highly successful production of King Lear starring Larry Cedar, the Porters of Hellsgate will present a contemporary treatment of Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, directed by Charles Pasternak and starring Thomas Bigley. It will be the first staging in Los Angeles of this oft-overlooked tragedy in 15 years. It is the story of Lord Timon, a generous pillar of society, whose patronage has helped to build the wealth and security of his country and friends. When financial disaster strikes, he looks to those same friends for aid, only to find none. Embittered by this rejection, he abandons society, forswearing it and mankind forever.

Shakespeare’s play addresses the brutal truths of money’s corruptive power; of the monetization of human relationships; of debt and deceit; of usury and usage. It is the story of a man brought low by his own blindness to the selfishness of mankind. He comes to realize the folly of his unchecked generosity and trust, but only after those that received it have turned their backs on him.

Timon of Athens opens Friday, May 3rd, at 8pm, presented at The Actors Forum Theatre, 10655 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA, 91601. The production will run Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, with Sunday matinees at 2pm, through Sunday, June 2nd. Timon will run under 2 ½ hours, including the 15 minute intermission. Click Here for online reservations or call (818) 325-2055.

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